Theme & Topics

The theme of the symposium is

Sediment on the Move
Innovative Management Strategies in Riverine Systems: From Old Problems to New Solutions

The symposium topics include:



Integrated Sediment Management at the River Basin Scale

A1. Sediment sources and management strategies influencing sediment yield

A2. Coupling of watershed processes with stream dynamics



Sediment Transport

B1. Mechanics of sediment transport

B2. Local scour, bank erosion and protection measures

B3. Measurement techniques and monitoring strategies



River Morphodynamics

C1. River morphology and morphodynamics

C2. Numerical modelling of fluvial processes

C3. River training and management 




Hydromorphology meets Ecology 

D1. Ecological aspects of hydraulic and transport processes

D2. From macro- to microscale to impact stability

D3. Morphology and water quality

D4. Modelling tools for river habitat management

D5. River restoration measures 



Reservoir Sustainability

E1. Reservoir sedimentation and density currents

E2. Reservoir management strategies



Social, Economic and Political Aspects of Sediment Management

F1. Competing uses of rivers

F2. Assessment and policy on hydro-environment

F3. Natural hazards and extreme events





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