Special Sessions

SS 1:   Hydropower and Sediment Management
Reservoir sedimentation is one of the challenges in dam engineering today. As a result of the construction of artificial barrages flow velocities decrease and sediments start to settle. These sediment depositions not only reduce the reservoir volume, but may also block bottom outlets and/or enter the intakes, which results in abrasion of the turbines and in damages of hydraulic structures. The special session “Hydropower and Sediment Management” deals with sedimentation problems in hydropower reservoirs and management strategies to avoid or decrease negative effects of sedimentation on the operation and the lifetime of power plants.

SS 2:   Navigation and River Morphology
Safety and ease of shipping traffic is the first priority on waterways. Artificial waterways such as channels are easy to maintain whereas navigable rivers are under permanent influence of natural processes. In order to optimise the hydraulic-morphological processes, certain measures have to be planned and carried out. In this context, aspects of e.g. floodwaters, water supply management and ecology have to be considered. Furthermore, the navigation itself influences morphological processes. The special session “Navigation and River Morphology” addresses the specific processes in waterways and gives the opportunity to present various methods which are applied to investigate and predict the interactions of manifold influences, including short-term and long-term morphological impacts.

SS 3:   Innovative Measurement Techniques
Advanced measurement devices and techniques are important to determine sediment transport mechanisms and sedimentary processes in rivers and reservoirs. An accurate evaluation of these processes with a high temporal and spatial resolution is fundamental for understanding a fluvial system. This includes the quantification of suspended sediments, bed load transport as well as morphological changes and morphologically relevant processes such as bed armouring, colmation and re-suspension. The special session “Innovative Measurement Techniques” has a particular focus on recent advances in the use of single and combined measurement devices and techniques in open water environments.

SS 4:   SEDITRANS – Sediment Transport in Fluvial, Estuarine and Coastal Environment
SEDITRANS is a Multi-ITN (Multipartners Networks for Initial Training) under the Marie Curie Actions of the 7th Framework Programme. The research theme is sediment transport in the fluvial, estuarine and coastal environment (http://www.seditrans.civil.upatras.gr/). This special session will accommodate contributions that involve all scales of work pertaining to sediment and fluid mechanics, from Lagrangian and Eulerian grain-scale approaches to its upscaling to engineering scales, developed both experimentally or numerically. Specific topics of interest include (but are not restricted to): mechanics of granular material, interaction between fluid flow and grain motion, suspended sediment, bed armoring, segregation and stratification, sediment budget in rivers, estuaries and coastal reaches, morphology of singularities and local scour, insights on bedload and suspended load transport formulae, derivation and solution of conservation equations, advances in numerical approaches for sediment transport.

SS 5:   Sustainable Land Management
The pressure to make more intensive use of fertile land increases rapidly. Therefore, the development and implementation of practical solutions for global and regional challenges regarding land use changes and the consumption of natural resources becomes more and more important. This special session deals with the challenges of monocultures and land-use changes in monoculture dominated areas as well as in arid areas with a high vulnerability. It has a special focus on sediment loss due to monocultures, on sustainable land management based on inter- and transdisciplinary approaches as well as on management strategies for sustainable irrigation concepts and on sustainable utilization of natural ecosystems.



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